Blood Electrifier, Blood Purifier, High Frequency Current Low Pulse Bio Circuit

85 USD

Blood Electrifier, Blood Purifier. Bob Beck Protocol.  This Device is based off of Bob Beck's original blood electrifier, or also known as a blood purifier.  The difference is that this unit only uses a single 9 volt battery instead of 3, and has I high frequency drive.  


Frequency:  42khz vibration.
Voltage:  9 volts X 4.
Pulse: 3.93 hz.
Circuit is biphasic.  
Waveform Generated: Square Wave. 
The device uses 3.5mm phono plug with (2) wrist electrodes.  

How to use:
(1) The electrodes are wrapped with cotton straps whetted with an electrolyte, which is a mild salt water, then the wrapped electrodes are strapped down over the Ulnar/Radial arteries of the wrist, or wrist to wrist. ***note: if you have a pace maker, make sure only to strap it to a single wrist.***
(2) The Device is then turned on and the Amplitude knob is adjusted for personal preference. 
(3) A dropper should be used to keep the cotton saturated during use.
(4) Treatment is for 2 hours.

The device comes with:

(2) Velcro Wrist Straps,
(1) Set of Wrist Electrodes
(1) 9 volt battery adapter
(1) Device & Battery arm mount strap
(1) List of instructions. 

Can be used to lessen flu and cold duration, or as preventative measure.  It's original use was with the HIV virus, because it was found that electricity damaged the virus in such a way, that it was unable to produce an enzyme to attach to a host T-cell, thus rendered it neutralized, and the body is then able to produce an anti-body. 

This is not a zapper.  This device is designed to implement your body as a living circuit.  The electrodes provide a way for the current to enter the arteries and blood stream, thus making your body a part of the device itself. 

***These statements and devices have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any di