Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner, Brain Synchronizer, Beck Tuner, TFM Bio Circuit

120 USD

Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner, Brain Synchronizer, Beck Tuner.
TFM Bio Circuit
.  This is built upon the foundation of Dr. Robert Beck's Bio Tuner, but with a Twist.
It is named TFM meaning Triple Frequency Modulation.  It delivers 3 separate frequencies of:
0.5hz Delta Wave.  For Headache relief, Pain Relief, and Insomnia.
11hz Alpha Wave.  For Calming, Anxiety relief, Studying enhancer, Focus, Meditation, Alert but relaxed effect.
111hz Above Gamma.  For Beta Endorphin release and cellular regeneration effects.  Depression relief, Stress relief, long term and short term memory stimulation.

These 3 are modulating with Solfeggio 528hz DNA repair and healing Frequency, and 953hz tones to help bring the body back into it's more perfect state of being.  This gives you 9 different modulations which blows Sota BT out of the water.

This device will calm the mind, ease pain, ease anxiety and stress levels, relax, and help with sleep disorders.  Clear depression, and gloomy thought patterns, and help give you your life back and the power over the things that plaque you.

This device comes with a device/arm mounting strap (for hands free use), a 9 volt battery adapter, and a set of Metal U-band electrodes for placement behind the ears.  It uses a mono 3.5mm phono plug.  (Optional but not included, can use a 9vdc to 12vdc wall adapter.  DC ONLY, and no higher than 12vdc!) 

Get yours today and take back the power over your life.

Individual results will very, can take up to 3 weeks for severe cases, depending on frequent usage, and physiology. Never stop seeing your Doctor, and never stop using medicines prescribed by your doctor.

***These statements and devices have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***