Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner, Brain Synchronizer, Beck Tuner, Serotonin Bio Circuit

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Bio Tuner, Brain Tuner, Brain Synchronizer, Beck Tuner.
Serotonin Bio Circuit
.  Is a new Bio Tuner, and it does just what it's name states.  A serotonin releasing power house.  It produces distinct frequencies which have been shown in studies to release 5-hydroxytryptomine.  After a few uses you will start to feel the effects similar to SSRI but without the side effects (do not stop using your prescriptions or stop seeing your doctor).  This unit will help battle depression at it's cause, and the cool thing is, no side effects.  Now the first use may give a slight head ache, but this is the body adapting to the serotonin do to the transduced vibrations, but after that, it is all gravy.  Keep up the usage and you can get back the power over your life that seemed to be fleeting before. 
You don't have to worry about weight gain, or non-emotional feelings, nor sexual dysfunctions.  With this device that does not exist.  Only the benefits of serotonin are apparent.  And freedom.  True freedom to get back your life.

This device comes with a set of U-band electrodes for placement behind the ears, device/arm mounting strap (for hands free use), and a 9volt battery adapter. (Optional but not included, you can use a 9vdc to 12vdc wall adapter.  DC ONLY!, and nothing higher than 12vdc.)

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Results will very with persistence of use, and physiology of the individual body.  Do not stop seeing your doctor, or stop any prescriptions given by your doctor.

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