Schumann Vibe Circulatory Bio Circuit Blood Electrifier

110 USD

Welcome to the New Era of Blood ElectrificationBased on the great late Physicist Dr. Robert Beck and his infamous Bob Beck Protocol.  This is makes your arteries into a circuit.  Flowing through your body and purifying the body of harmful parasites, and pathogens. 

This is the Schumann Vibe.  Giving you pure Alternating Current, and no harmful Direct Current.  It vibrates with 2 Schumann frequencies of 7.83hz Earth resonance, and 31.32 Earth Resonance.  Plus as a bonus, a pain relieving tone of 2.5hz.

Not only is this device a Blood Electrifier, but also can be used as a Bio Tuner (this device does not modulate, but only a single square wave, and it's harmonics,  is emitted at a time).

So what are the benefits of the Vibrations?
2.5hz:  Pain Relief, Relaxation, production of endogenous opiates, and a sedative effects (warning do not drive or operate machinery with this tone.  Use common since).
7.83hz: Pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects); Earth Resonance Frequency – ‘leaves you feeling revitalized like you’ve spent a day in the country; reports of accelerated healing/enhanced learning – “the earth’s natural brainwave”.
31.32hz: Pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) (this is a higher octave of the 7.83HZ Schumann Resonance).

This device is easy to use.  Simple, and effective! 

This unit is safe to use and will not shock or electrocute you, but delivers an electrical vibration into the ulnar and radial arteries of the wrist by electrodes. These electrical currents have been proven in studies performed in the 1990's by two Doctors at the Einstein Institute of Medicine to affect pathogens and neutralize them in the blood stream, allowing the body to produce antibodies against them and build up the immune system.

The device comes with a set of Ulnar/Radial artery electrodes, device/arm mounting strap (for hands free use), and a 9v battery adapter. (optional but not included, a 9vdc to 12vdc wall adapter can be used, but it must be DC ONLY, and go any higher than 12vdc.)

Get yours today and take back your Power!

Individual results will very depending on frequent usage, and correct placement of electrodes, and the physiology of the individual, Do not stop seeing your doctor and do not stop using your prescriptions. If you have a pace maker do not use wrist to wrist but only Ulnar and Radial of the single wrist method must be used.

***These statements and devices have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease***